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Five Reasons Why You Should Own A Vehicle Tracker.

By ConceptNova on 7th February 2022
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Recover Your Stolen Vehicle Faster

Every day, there’s a case of at least one stolen or snatched vehicle. A GPS tracker lets you know the exact location of your car. You can enjoy a superior tracking experience with TIKON Basic which has a remote vehicle immobilization feature (amongst other features), making it easier to recover your car.

Get Trip Details And Other Important Reports 

Some vehicle tracking devices, like Tikon Track & Trace provides vehicle movement history like how far your car was driven and average speed. It even tracks potentially unsafe habits, like Overspeeding and Idling.

This useful information can give you insight into the driving habits of yourself or third-party drivers.

Get Diagnostics On Your Vehicle

In addition to trip details and statistics, our more advanced GPS trackers Tikon Track & Trace, and Tikon Prime also help you monitor the overall health of your vehicle, providing diagnostics for your car or reminding you when it’s time to get routine maintenance. 

It can also alert you to more serious issues, so you know when it’s time to take your car to the mechanic.

Get Help In An Emergency

A GPS car tracker ensures that someone always knows your location. That way, you can rest easy knowing that if you ever get stranded or get involved in an accident, you’ll be able to tell emergency personnel exactly where you are located. 

This helps your loved ones to find you easily.


Monitor Other Drivers In The Vehicle

As a car owner, you’re most likely going to let other people borrow your car from time to time. Once they take off in the vehicle, all you have is their word that they are driving safely and treating the car well. If you want to make sure that they are being safe and that they do not do anything that could damage your car, a quality GPS car tracker is what you need.  

To get the maximum benefit out of a GPS car tracking system it is important to invest in good quality trackers from Concept Nova. Whether you have one car or a fleet of 10,000 vehicles, we have the perfect tracking solution for you. Talk to us today to get started.

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