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3 Diesel Management Tips For Your Business

By ConceptNova on 4th March 2022
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Fuel is one of the highest costs of managing a fleet of commercial trucks. This is why fleet managers are constantly searching for ways to lower fuel costs and improve fuel efficiencies.

Having insights about the amount of diesel consumed by your mobile and stationary assets can help identify usage trends, reduce operational costs, and mitigate diesel theft/leakages in your organization. 

To cut down on fuel costs, check out the following fuel management tips for your fleet. These tips are aimed at providing you with practical ways you can help cut down on this variable cost of doing business and raise profits.

Proper Fleet Maintenance: Diesel Management

Fleet managers understand that fuel management begins with maintenance. When your fleet is not properly maintained, your fuel efficiency will suffer. In fact, just a few common maintenance services can go a long way in cutting down on fuel consumption. 

Properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency between .6% – 3%, using the right grade motor oil can improve fuel efficiency by 1%-2%. While each of these may seem small on its own, combined together and measured over time, maintenance can be a critical fuel saver.

To help elongate the lifespan of your mobile and stationary assets, it is important to have regular maintenance checks at least once every two months.

Have Smart Travel Strategies

The less time your truck drivers spend trapped in stop-and-go traffic or backtracking on their routes, the lower your fuel costs.

So, it is important to analyze your current route strategies. Are you sending your truck drivers down the most efficient paths for their deliveries? Could you avoid traffic jams by taking alternate routes, or could you split up routes to create a more efficient flow?

Using GPS trackers like TIKON Tracking Solutions, gather data on the routes your drivers are taking each day. Over time, these work to optimize these routes to reduce fuel consumption.

Get a Fuel Control System

Track and manage your diesel with our economically-priced diesel management solution that offers cost-saving and diesel-auditing services to optimize business operations and improve your ROI.

For more information on how you can get any of the solutions above, click hereĀ 

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