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By Olamide Mabodu
25th September 2018


Thursday, 20th September 2018, Concept Nova launched its cost-effective, efficient and profitable solutions for the Business to Business market. The solutions launched includes: Delivery Management System (DMS) helps track goods from the point of order creatio... Read more

By Olamide Mabodu
11th September 2018


For over 29  years, Concept Nova has been known for creating profitable solutions. We have created profitable and cost-effective solutions for the Business to Consumer market. These solutions range from our anti-shatter film to our vehicle tracking solution. ... Read more

By Olamide Mabodu
10th September 2018

Traffic Robbers On The Rampage, Don’t Be Their Next Victim

It is no longer news that criminal gangs have stepped up robbery operations in different parts of the country, Lagos especially, dispossessing people of their valuables and vandalizing their cars while stuck in traffic. The situation is clearly getting out of ... Read more

By ConceptNova
20th June 2018

Concept Nova and Rosabon Financial Services Engage In Blood Drive

June 14, 2016, the staff of Concept Nova and Rosabon Financial Services participated for the first time in the The World Blood Donor Day. The day’s event was adopted by the management and staff of Rosabon Financial Services and Concept Nova as an annual Cor... Read more

By ConceptNova
13th June 2018

Rosabon Financial Services, Concept Nova to donate blood tomorrow

Rosabon Financial Services and Concept Nova will join the rest of the world to celebrate the World Blood Donor Day tomorrow by sensitizing the public on the benefits and needs to donate safe blood. The event holds on June 14 every year.As part of its Corporate... Read more

By Olamide Mabodu
14th April 2018

Concept Nova unveils solution to boost fleet management In Nigeria

Nigeria’s most innovative information technology company, Concept Nova has launched a new solution that will boost fleet management in Nigeria. The innovative solution known as the FleeTrak Fleet Management Application, can optimally and efficiently manage 5... Read more

By Olamide Mabodu
28th March 2016

Concept Nova unveils reward scheme to boost access to Ti-kon, C-Protect

Nigeria’s leading innovative IT solutions company, Concept Nova has launched a reward scheme to boost access to its car tracking solution, Ti-kon and the anti-glass break solution, C-Protect. Tagged: the Double Protection Promo, the scheme will see the price... Read more

By ConceptNova
18th February 2016


It is no longer news that cars are more than just a means of transportation to most, in fact it is not surprising to see them washing and waxing these cars every day in a bid to keep them looking as new as the very day they were bought. Some even go as far as ... Read more

By Olamide Mabodu
8th January 2016

Public Schools Shine at Debate on Technology

For the reward of one academic session scholarship and the winning school getting funds for a project, Jibowu Junior High School has come first with 23.8 points out of eight schools which vied for the position, at the recently concluded Concept Nova Debate Com... Read more

By Olamide Mabodu
27th December 2015

Concept Nova unveils IT Sales Consultancy Programme

One of the Nigeria’s fastest growing information technology service and software development companies, Concept Nova has unveiled an independent consultancy programme that provides opportunity for IT sales consultants to earn extra income while helping small... Read more