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By Tobi Coker
16th November 2020


Pro Drive proves to be an in-vehicle monitoring system that is set to change the way driving is done. When it comes to monitoring and taking control of one’s vehicle, a top-down approach is necessary. Creating a safety culture must start with leade... Read more

By Adepeju Adenuga
23rd January 2020

Guaranteed Asset Security Guidelines Every Business Owner Should Know.

68.44% of business properties experience some form of vandalism and theft in Nigeria. This was reported by Numbeo in an effort to advise business owners on the need for a security solution that keeps their valuables and assets safe. Unfortunately, not many bus... Read more

By Adepeju Adenuga
5th December 2019

3 Diesel Management Tips Every Business Owner Should Practice.

Diesel is one of the top three expenses most organizations incur every year  especially with mobile and stationary tanks. To prevent unnecessary high costs, it is advisable you track  your diesel consumption and reduce the thefts of diesel. Having in... Read more

By ConceptNova
27th October 2017

This Week In Tech (I)

The iPhone X Is Available For Preorder If you’re reading this, you’re likely too late. Preorders are now live for Apple’s iPhone X, following the announcement of the new smartphone back in September at Apple’s annual iPhone event. In case yo... Read more

By ConceptNova
3rd October 2017

Special Deals For Returning Subscribers

If you have a dormant Concept Nova tracker installed in your vehicle, there are great deals available for you if you decide to re-up your subscription. Concept Nova is committed to giving you innovative solutions which save you money and are kind on the pocke... Read more

By ConceptNova
28th September 2017

Maximize Profits With Concept Nova’s Fuel Manager

The reality of running a successful business operation in Nigeria involves factoring in alternative sources of power like a large backup generator. This can take a lot of money to install and manage, even more so, when staff start to mismanage the generator an... Read more

By ConceptNova
5th September 2017

Why Do You Need An Active Tracking Device In Your Vehicle?

When you purchase a car, you might be tempted to chalk up all vehicle-related costs to fueling and servicing alone, but this is simply not the case. It is extremely important for you to take extra steps to make sure that your car is secure at all times. This ... Read more

By ConceptNova
4th August 2017

Police Recover Stolen Vehicle With The Help Of Concept Nova’s Tracking Solution

At Concept Nova, We produce innovation that works. Our tracking solutions, fuel monitoring solutions and anti-shatter solutions have the satisfied customer testimonials to show for it.  On Friday, 14th July, one of our tracking solutions was instrumental in h... Read more

By ConceptNova
16th June 2017

The Incredible Benefits Of C-Protect

C-Protect is Concept Nova’s shatterproof innovation for all your glass windows and surfaces. C-Protect is a nearly impenetrable invisible film which when installed on any glass surface keeps the glass particles together. It improves the structural integrity ... Read more

By ConceptNova
8th June 2017


Look no further, because Concept Nova has got you covered. Concept Nova, Nigeria’s indigenous IT Solutions provider offers top notch and affordable Vehicle Tracking Solutions for every vehicle, pocket size, and need. Our custom made tracking solutions work f... Read more