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By ConceptNova
14th June 2022

5 IT Equipment Needed To Effectively Run Your Small Business 

As an entrepreneur, all your energy goes into maintaining and expanding your business.  To do this successfully, you need some IT tools /equipment that will not only save you time and money but also improve productivity and profitability. We’ve put toge... Read more

By ConceptNova
31st March 2022

4 Ways To Cut Down On Your Fuel Costs 

Contrary to popular belief, fuel costs in Nigeria are manageable and they don’t have to overwhelm your business. Do you want ways to cut down on your fuel costs? These 4 pro tips can help. In recent times, the costs of running a business in Nigeria keep incr... Read more

By ConceptNova
4th March 2022

3 Diesel Management Tips For Your Business

Fuel is one of the highest costs of managing a fleet of commercial trucks. This is why fleet managers are constantly searching for ways to lower fuel costs and improve fuel efficiencies. Having insights about the amount of diesel consumed by your mobile and st... Read more

By ConceptNova
16th February 2022

4 Fuel Management Strategies That Work

The long queues are back at the filling stations and so is the frustration that comes with fuel scarcity of any sort. Knowing how much stress, time, and effort you put into getting that fuel in your tank, it is important now more than ever to be prudent in you... Read more

By ConceptNova
7th February 2022

Five Reasons Why You Should Own A Vehicle Tracker.

Recover Your Stolen Vehicle Faster Every day, there’s a case of at least one stolen or snatched vehicle. A GPS tracker lets you know the exact location of your car. You can enjoy a superior tracking experience with TIKON Basic which has a remote vehicle immo... Read more

By ConceptNova
4th May 2021


To improve overall fleet management operations, increase cost savings, boost productivity and make smart decisions about your fleet, you need Fleetrak - our Fleet Management Solution.... Read more

By Tobi Coker
16th November 2020


Pro Drive proves to be an in-vehicle monitoring system that is set to change the way driving is done. When it comes to monitoring and taking control of one’s vehicle, a top-down approach is necessary. Creating a safety culture must start with leade... Read more

By Adepeju Adenuga
23rd January 2020

Guaranteed Asset Security Guidelines Every Business Owner Should Know.

68.44% of business properties experience some form of vandalism and theft in Nigeria. This was reported by Numbeo in an effort to advise business owners on the need for a security solution that keeps their valuables and assets safe. Unfortunately, not many bus... Read more

By Adepeju Adenuga
5th December 2019

3 Diesel Management Tips Every Business Owner Should Practice.

Diesel is one of the top three expenses most organizations incur every year  especially with mobile and stationary tanks. To prevent unnecessary high costs, it is advisable you track  your diesel consumption and reduce the thefts of diesel. Having in... Read more

By ConceptNova
27th October 2017

This Week In Tech (I)

The iPhone X Is Available For Preorder If you’re reading this, you’re likely too late. Preorders are now live for Apple’s iPhone X, following the announcement of the new smartphone back in September at Apple’s annual iPhone event. In case yo... Read more