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By ConceptNova
31st March 2022

4 Ways To Cut Down On Your Fuel Costs 

Contrary to popular belief, fuel costs in Nigeria are manageable and they don’t have to overwhelm your business. Do you want ways to cut down on your fuel costs? These 4 pro tips can help. In recent times, the costs of running a business in Nigeria keep incr... Read more

By ConceptNova
4th March 2022

3 Diesel Management Tips For Your Business

Fuel is one of the highest costs of managing a fleet of commercial trucks. This is why fleet managers are constantly searching for ways to lower fuel costs and improve fuel efficiencies. Having insights about the amount of diesel consumed by your mobile and st... Read more

By ConceptNova
16th February 2022

4 Fuel Management Strategies That Work

The long queues are back at the filling stations and so is the frustration that comes with fuel scarcity of any sort. Knowing how much stress, time, and effort you put into getting that fuel in your tank, it is important now more than ever to be prudent in you... Read more

By ConceptNova
7th February 2022

Five Reasons Why You Should Own A Vehicle Tracker.

Recover Your Stolen Vehicle Faster Every day, there’s a case of at least one stolen or snatched vehicle. A GPS tracker lets you know the exact location of your car. You can enjoy a superior tracking experience with TIKON Basic which has a remote vehicle immo... Read more

By ConceptNova
8th November 2021

Ensure Your Kids’ Safety At Home With C-Protect

It is no news that kids will be out of school soon for the Christmas holidays. And if you are yet to childproof the areas in your house that pose danger to your kids, now is the best time to do so. One important part that should NEVER be neglected is your glas... Read more

By Tobi Coker
16th November 2020


Pro Drive proves to be an in-vehicle monitoring system that is set to change the way driving is done. When it comes to monitoring and taking control of one’s vehicle, a top-down approach is necessary. Creating a safety culture must start with leade... Read more

By Tobi Coker
28th October 2020

The Benefits of Using a Vehicle Tracker in Today’s Business World

GPS tracking has become important today in business because it allows business owners to understand how their vehicles are being used and what needs to be improved upon. Making use of a vehicle tracker guarantees a certain level of confidence over one’s oper... Read more

By ConceptNova
28th September 2017

Maximize Profits With Concept Nova’s Fuel Manager

The reality of running a successful business operation in Nigeria involves factoring in alternative sources of power like a large backup generator. This can take a lot of money to install and manage, even more so, when staff start to mismanage the generator an... Read more

By ConceptNova
4th August 2017

Police Recover Stolen Vehicle With The Help Of Concept Nova’s Tracking Solution

At Concept Nova, We produce innovation that works. Our tracking solutions, fuel monitoring solutions and anti-shatter solutions have the satisfied customer testimonials to show for it.  On Friday, 14th July, one of our tracking solutions was instrumental in h... Read more

By ConceptNova
26th February 2016


Sometime last week, Lagosians were hit with the news of another looming Fuel Scarcity. Immediately, long queues emerged in filling stations as people struggled to fill their cars and kegs in preparation for the dreaded scarcity. Thankfully this was only just a... Read more