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4 Ways To Cut Down Your Fuel Costs

By ConceptNova on 27th June 2022
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Over the past few months, the price of Diesel has notoriously risen and it doesn’t look like it will stop soon. Every day, a new and higher price is introduced and people whose businesses run solely on diesel, have no choice but to buy.

Whether you’re a fleet manager, a business owner, or a business manager, there’s no doubt that you are looking to cut down high fuel costs and their implications on the finances of your business.

While this seems like an impossible task considering the high cost of diesel, it can be achieved with these four tips.

Improve Record Keeping

With the right record-keeping tools, it becomes easier for you to determine how much fuel you need per month to the exact litre. This way, you get to know how much fuel to buy and how much you use exactly. 

When you have meticulous record-keeping processes, fuel theft and other discrepancies will be eliminated. And when this is done, your profit margin is improved. 

Track All The Vehicles In Your Fleet

Vehicle Tracking is important because, in addition to knowing where all your vehicles are at any given time, it also helps you eliminate waste. 

Unnecessary idling might seem like nothing serious, but those minutes your vehicles spend doing nothing with the engine running count for something. This will definitely affect your fuel consumption and by extension, your fuel costs.

Service Your Vehicles and Generators

A well-serviced machine is running in the best shape, and that includes making the best possible use of the fuel in its tank. 

When your vehicles and generators are serviced regularly, you spend less on expensive repair costs while the machines make effective non-wasteful use of your fuel.

Invest In A Fuel Manager

While it might seem expensive to commission and install, a fuel manager will really help your fuel costs in the long run. 

Concept Nova’s fuel management solution: Fuel Control System – FCS gives you accurate reports on how your fuel is being used. 

You also get alerts on instant fuel drops and get reports on how every single drop of fuel in your stationary and mobile tanks is being utilized even as you turn your engines on and off remotely.

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