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4 Ways To Improve Diesel Efficiency In Your Fleet

By ConceptNova on 5th October 2021
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If you’re in the fleet management industry, you undoubtedly have vehicles and other machines that run on diesel fuel. 

In addition to large trucks, more than 75% of all heavy construction equipment use diesel. It offers fuel efficiency, reliability, power, performance, and lower carbon emissions than gasoline.

When it comes to keeping your fleet and other machines up and running, you can save time and money by learning how to properly improve and maintain your diesel management systems. 

Educate and Incent Your Drivers

Drivers are critical to the success of your fleet activities. Hire drivers that are committed to driving in a fuel-efficient manner or train existing drivers on how to save fuel. 

Ensure that those who perform well are rewarded, as this will encourage other drivers to do the same.

Keep Vehicles Well Maintained

When working with a diesel system, it is important to take precautionary measures because diesel fuel is under high amounts of pressure while in operation. 

So, you must promote strict maintenance practices to improve fuel efficiency and ensure that your vehicles run as intended. To help elongate the lifespan of your mobile and stationary assets, it is important to have regular maintenance checks at least once every two months.

Buy Required Quantity from Reliable Source

It pays to buy your needed amount of diesel regularly according to your usage and from a trusted source. 

By doing this, you reduce the risk of destroying your assets due to the use of adulterated diesel. You also get to save money on repairs or fixing other damages that occur due to the use of adulterated fuel.

Get Concept Nova’s Fuel Control System

Track and manage your diesel with our affordable diesel management solution that offers cost-saving and diesel-auditing functions to optimize business operations and improve your ROI.

Fuel Control System – FCS is a state-of-the-art telematics solution that puts you in total control of your stationary and mobile assets. 

With features that allow you to detect leakage challenges, monitor, audit, and report diesel usage trends, you can now improve accountability, maintain profitability and meet rising business demands.

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