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5 Tips For Long-Lasting Windshields

By ConceptNova on 29th April 2022
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Imagine driving or entering a vehicle with a cracked windshield. An uncomfortable image, right? However, the poor aesthetics is no match to the safety hazards this poses. A car’s windshield serves different purposes, but it is specifically designed to: 

  • Prevent foreign objects like dust, dirt, and grime from entering the car.
  • Prevent the roof from caving in and crashing in case of an accident.
  • Save the driver from the initial impact of an accident.
  • Prevent glare from the sun and ensure clear vision for the driver.

Routine maintenance of the windshield in a car is one of the most neglected aspects of car care. Maintenance goes beyond cleaning the glass every day, it also involves proper servicing and engaging in the right practices that would not only extend the life of your windshield but also keep you safe.

Here are 5 easy and effective tips to keep your windshield in good health for the long haul:

Don’t Park Under Direct Sunlight

Parking your vehicle without care could put your entire car including the windshield at risk. Extreme temperatures could result in stress cracks in the windshield, and these cracks could further spread due to extreme temperature, especially under direct sunlight. 

Parking in a garage, basement or any other shaded spot as much as possible will prevent breakage and strengthen the durability of your car’s windshield.

Pay Attention When Cleaning Your Windshield

When cleaning your car, closely examine your windshield for cracks, chips, and bubbles and proactively take care of them immediately. 

Even the slightest chip can turn into a gigantic crack over time and can cause significant damage if left untreated. With time, they could spread in size thus compromising the visibility of the driver. Also, it could damage to an extent where the safety of the glass is compromised and you are left with no other alternative but to replace the glass.

It is important to take such matters seriously, as a windscreen replacement is a bigger loss to you than a glass repair.

Replace Your Wipers Regularly

The windshield wiper is made of two components broadly – a metal structure on the inside and a rubber coating on the outside. 

When the rubber coating wears out, your windshield is exposed to the metal structure. 

This means, that each time you run the wipers, the metal body scrapes against the windshield, which could leave serious scratches on the glass. It is advised that you replace your wiper blades at least once a year to protect your windshield.

Use Good-Quality Cleaning Products

Using the wrong chemicals to clean your auto glass like ammonia-based glass cleaners, DIY cleaners, abrasive household sponges, paper towels, etc. could leave scratches on the screen, damage the glass tint or leave streaks on the window. It is advised that you use cleaners designed specifically for windshield in car with a soft microfiber towel/cloth to protect it from any avoidable damage.

Install A Glass Protective Solution

Protect your Windshield

The windshield is one of the most vital safety features in a car.

Not only does it protect you from rain and street dirt, it also renders structural integrity to your car’s roof and is essential in absorbing the impact of airbags in the event of an accident.

This is why driving with a chipped or cracked windshield is not advisable, especially during the rainy season when the risk of accidents are higher.

One way to protect your windshield and other glass windows is by installing Concept Nova’s C-Protect. – Nigeria’s top vehicle management company – Concept Nova “Concept Nova” [Concept Nova] device management digital solution

In the case of an accident, this solution keeps you from getting injuries from glass shards as its micro-layered and tear-resistant films hold the fragments in place. This solution is the best way to enhance safety and security while driving.

Above anything else, the most important way of caring for your car is to drive safely and carefully, especially when the rain hits the road. Have a safe drive!

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