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By ConceptNova on 6th March 2018
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It is every car owner’s nightmare to get to the space they parked their car and find it empty. It is very disheartening and puts them in a lot of disarray at this realization. Considering the effort and money that goes into car acquisition, having someone else take it away is not the best way to realize the worth of your car. Car insurance can help if you are a victim of theft but preventing the theft from happening first is the ideal, less expensive (relating to the cost of acquiring new one) thing to do. The rate of stolen vehicle is not declining. No single security system is perfect; using different layers of  vehicle protection can help guarantee car safety.

Here are tips to prevent car theft:

  • Most car owners are not observant of their environment, especially when they are in a hurry. Nothing gives a fast signal of danger like the brain. Be security conscious. Be alert. Don’t display your valuables in the car and having a good knowledge of your vicinity helps to be cautious.
  • Most preys shatter the window to unlock the car from within. Use anti shatter films. With this in place, breaking in would be difficult and the car alarm would attract the people around while your prey keeps busy with getting through the window.
  • Install a car alarm. For cars that do not come with car alarms, you can install one. The alarm notifies people within an earshot of sudden movement and any bang against the car.


  • Install immobilizing device. There are electronic and mechanical immobilizing devices that can be installed in your car to prevent theft.


  1. Electronic- These include; kill switch (shuts down part of the engine), master lock starter sentry (kills fuel or ignition)
  2. Mechanical- These are physical equipment that are used to lock a part in the car e.g steering wheel and pedal lock, tire lock, gear shift lock etc

Do you have more tips that can help? Share in the comment section below.

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