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By Olamide Mabodu on 5th July 2018
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Concept Nova is an operating subsidiary of the Concept Group. It is one of Africa’s finest and fastest growing Information Technology Company. It provides a software solution to industries using an extensive and robust indigenous infrastructure. The company with over two decades of experience in providing a lasting solution to theft, slow response time and many other decay in different industries have never rested its oars in growing and meeting the needs of its clientele.

Concept Nova thus far has provided the Transport Industry with its Tikon Tracking Plans and Speed limiter to help ascertain driver’s movement and vehicle recovery in case of theft while efficiently controlling the speed of the driver. She has also provided the Logistics and Transport Industry with its Delivery Management System (DMS) to curtail the theft of deliveries while promoting the relationship between the supplier and receiver of goods. Its FuelControl System has been a blessing to industries unlimited, as it helps organizations with stationary and mobile tanks optimally manage their fuel.

Many organizations with fleet have found Concept Nova’s FleeTrak FMA very productive to their various line of business. It has helped to effectively manage their fleet, drivers, car users, vendors, maintenance and many other that a Fleet manager cannot manually monitor. With a dynamic hunger to ensure safety, its C-Protect has saved a lot of people from glass shards and accidents at home, offices, and vehicles.

The profitable solutions coupled with the ease that comes with the use of its solutions has distinguished it amidst many. It is one IT company you want to use its solutions.

Do you have a question about the company or any of the solutions the company offers? Drop them at the comment section.

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