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By ConceptNova on 4th February 2016
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The festive season is over and many are trying to recoup and recover from their expenses over the past yuletide celebrations, so losing valuable assets at this time is not a desirable experience. Sadly, this is also the time when hoodlums step up their nefarious activities, looking for innocent victims to steal these assets from.

With the daily news of car robberies occurring even in broad daylight, you may consider leaving your car at home to go with public transport so as to avoid being a victim.  However, going through such stress is totally unnecessary as you can easily protect yourself and your valuables by taking extra precautions.

Listed below are 5 tips to keep you safe while driving.

  1. Avoid Exposing Valuable Items

Whilst running errands, ensure items such as; Laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets are not left exposed on the passenger seat of your car. Also, ensure your bag is well hidden under any hidden compartment of the vehicle. This tip should be noted when the car is either in motion or remains stationary.

  1. Be Security Cautious

Always keep your vehicle in good working condition at every point in time so as to avoid car  issues whilst driving on the road. This is to ensure you’re not caught unawares and your vehicle does not break down while hustling and bustling in unsafe areas where you could easily fall prey to hoodlums. It is also necessary to always double-check the doors and identify people around before proceeding to park your car or even slow down.

  1. Choose a Safe Spot To Park

If you need to park on the street, find a well-lit area that is in public view so potential thieves can be easily spotted. Also, always try to park in authorised car parks where you are sure of effective security, sufficient lighting and spy cameras which makes monitoring your car easier.

  1. Never Leave your Car Unattended To

Never leave your car running and unattended to whether you are warming it or making a quick dash into the supermarket. It serves as an invitation to theft because thieves could easily get behind the wheels to drive off your vehicle. If for any reason you won’t be driving your car, it is better to turn your vehicle off even if it is parked right in front of your house.

  1. Use Car Locks and Trackers

Lastly and most importantly, it is recommended that you install a car tracker and an anti-theft device to give your car that extra security ensuring your car is found should such incidences such as; Car theft, Hijacking occurs.

Having these devices installed in your car will deter car theft and notify you immediately if your car has been tampered with or moved. Over time, Vehicle trackers have been proven to be very effective in the tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. They save you the money of replacing stolen vehicle and also spare you the aggravation of a car theft.

Concept Nova’s Tikon, Track and Trace and Advanced Track and Trace Tracking solutions are the best security you can give your car. You can order directly from www.concept-nova/tikon

Have a crime free New Year!



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