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How To Reclaim 100% Control Over Your Diesel Expenses

By Adepeju Adenuga on 7th November 2019
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As a business owner, the biggest expense you will probably face is that of diesel.  However, there are two major facts every business owner needs to remember:

  • You cannot always be present when diesel is being purchased (either for your generators or trucks)
  • No matter the cost, you cannot risk not buying diesel if it will optimize your business operations (even if it means some of the diesel you buy gets stolen regularly)

However, there are three easy ways for you to monitor and control your diesel expenses while eliminating the risk of diesel theft:

Get the Fuel Control System: The first step to fixing the problem is being able to understand and measure it. This diesel management solution from Concept Nova provides alerts of any unusual or suspicious activities (such as diesel tampering, theft or tampered refuelling processes) that occur. With it, business owners and organizations can now make better-informed decisions on operational costs, monitor diesel consumption, enjoy abundant Return on Investments and put several measures in place to eliminate the possibility of diesel theft. 

Track Your Movement and Location of your vehicles: Non-authorized use of company trucks and vehicles also reduces the quantity of diesel and increases your operational costs. With TIKON – the vehicle monitoring solution from Concept Nova – you can take charge of your diesel expenses by tracking, monitoring and being informed on the location and status of your trucks at all times. 

Route Management is Key: Traffic and long hours commuting has become the norm these days. This reality also affects business owners who run transport-dependent operations. However, for business owners who fall in this category,  you can plan predetermined routes, track drivers and stay connected with their fleet activities using the Route Management Solution from Concept Nova. 

For more information on how you can get any of the solutions above, click here ( or contact us on +234 905 560 8608 or +234 815 088 0054. You can also send us an email at [email protected]

Put an end to profit loss and take charge of your diesel expenses today.

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