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By Olamide Mabodu on 30th July 2018
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On a cold Monday morning, Mr. Akinwunmi was driving his kids to school in his newly acquired Mercedes Benz ML350. He started to think about the day he bought the car. His neighbors had rushed over to congratulate him. He was overwhelmed with happiness. Another milestone achieved, he thought.

Later that night, he went to Quilox with his friends to celebrate his new car. He smiled as he thought about the fun and laughter they had. His thoughts were interrupted by his kids’ argument about who the best teacher is. He looked at them and smiled at their seemingly cute tantrum. He noticed a blockage when he faced the road again. He slowed down his speed, thinking of a safe way to maneuver his way around the barrier. He had driven too far to turn back and ply the other long route. Lost in his strategic thoughts, he heard his kids scream in unison, ‘Daddy!’

He saw a weird looking man on the left side of his car. His kids had moved to the right side of the back seat. They were trying to move as far away from the man as possible. His appearance spelled trouble. Mr. Akinwunmi refused to wind down his window. The intruder kept tapping the window. He was vigorous and impatient. He suddenly brought out a metal and furiously walked around the car to where the kids had run to. He smashed the window with all his strength. The kids screamed and cried. They were frightened. They rushed towards their father, groping his shirt and hand simultaneously. Mr. Akinwunmi covered his head with his hands as he tried to reach for his kids.

The universe seems to be kind to the Akinwunmi’s family because the window didn’t give way to the aggressive smash. Mr. Akinwunmi peeked at the man, thinking he would be battling with the door at the moment. He noticed the window didn’t give in to the aggressive smash. With fear, he drove off, crashing into the wooden roadblock. He drove to the nearest police station to report the incident while trying to placate his teary eye kids. The policemen took his statement and marveled at how the glass managed to hold the smash despite how terrible it looks from outside.

Mr. Akinwunmi’s wife arrived at the police station while he was still giving his statement. Her kids ran to her and narrated about how Jesus saved them. They kept on narrating to her how the glass remained in place while the big scary man smashed with his ugly metal. Mrs. Akinwunmi then remembered how she had called in Concept Nova Tech guys to come to fix the C-Protect, anti-shatter film across the glass surfaces in her home and on the car windows. Her husband was not aware because he had taken a trip to Abuja. She wanted to fix the C-Protect because of how playful her kids are and how glass was the predominant thing in their home’s decoration. She didn’t want what brought her home beauty to harm her kids. She told the Tech guys to fix it on the car as an afterthought. She smiled as narrated this to her family and the policemen. A surprised Mr. Akinwunmi swept his wife off in a big hug and gave her a full mouth kiss while the police officers chanted, “Madam, well-done o. Na good woman you be. Chai!”

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