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The Concept Nova Brokerage Program: An Introduction

By Tobi Coker on 10th September 2020
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An introduction of what the brokerage program entails

Everyone loves to make money, and although it can be somewhat difficult, there are easier ways to make money in these modern days. You do not necessarily need to have a fantastic business idea, before making extra money, you can make more by being a broker.

A broker is one who makes money by connecting customers to business owners while making money off the transaction. At Concept Nova, being a broker is more than that.

With a guaranteed earning up to 8% brokerage rate on every transaction, being a broker with Concept Nova is a good deal that cannot be passed on. The Concept Nova Brokerage Program also entails juicy and mouth-watering offers that are impossible to resist. 

Aside from earning 8% on transactions, there is the benefit of learning and development as there are refresher courses for everyone interested in the brokerage program. As a broker, you also get to connect with a team of like-minded individuals.

Do you have the network then make money off it by being a broker with Concept Nova today. To begin earning steadily as a broker, follow the steps below:

  • Register as a broker on the Brokers Portal
  • Study the course materials provided for the various solutions
  • Take the assessment test
  • Start gaining leads from your network
  • Transfer the potential leads to the Brokers Administration
  • Leads are then converted to sales by the team
  • Earn up to 8% on every successful transaction

For more enquiries:

Email: [email protected] Website: Phone no: 08150880069 | 08150991089 

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