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By Olamide Mabodu on 23rd May 2018
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Mr. Bodunde, a broker at Concept Nova had been encouraging to Mr. Aminu who is the Fleet  Managers of his organization to enhance the smooth running of his fleet operations by getting either the Tikon Track and Trace or the Tikon Prime for his over 500 trucks. Mr. Aminu had blatantly refused. He was skeptical about the device and was not sure the installation of the device would not affect other functioning parts of the trucks.

He worked his way to where he is now. He has never liked the easy way out of things. “Hard work is all the work you need to be successful”, he always told himself. He has been an advocate of anything that comes with ease would not last. This is the reason he stuck to his Nokia 3310 even though he could afford an iPhone. Rather than opt for any of the tracking plans as proposed by Mr. Bodunde, he would stick to manually taking record of his fleet with pen and paper. He would not be deceived or duped.

Mr. Bodunde had taken a liking to him. He is of the opinion that Mr. Aminu is a highly intelligent man who does not do well with change. Irrespective of this, Mr. Bodunde did not stop encouraging Mr. Aminu to get one of the tracking plans. It has been three months and Mr. Aminu seems not to be bothered about Mr. Bodunde incessant coming. He enjoyed his company too. Why stop him? But on this day, after their conversation about politics in Nigeria, he said to Mr. Bodunde, “You are a very patient man. Your eyes are fixed on the prize. I will try one of these your devices on one of my truck for a month. If it does not work like you have rightly claimed, please stop coming here”. Mr. Bodunde’s joy knew no bound. If Mr. Aminu becomes convinced, he was sure he would introduce him to other fleet managers and that is lots of money for him.

Mr. Aminu installed the Tikon Prime on one of his trucks and felt relieved that he does not have to keep a record of that one truck when he goes around in the morning. All the information he needed would be right on his laptop. He was about to go through what the tracking interface when he heard a beep from his laptop. He was been notified about his driver’s overspeeding. He was thrilled with this knowledge. His paper documentation would never give him that. As a matter of fact, he does not know what happens to the trucks he is so protective about once they are out of his sight. “This is a good change”, he said to himself. He calls Mr. Bodunde to apologize about how resistant he was to the tracking plan and inform him that he was ready to have them installed in all his trucks without the knowledge of his drivers.

Mr. Bodunde’s joy knew no bound. This is money for him and also improved operations for Mr. Aminu. He has made money while making an impact. He sighed as he listened to Mr. Aminu talk like a child who had just discovered a candy store. He closed his eyes in satisfaction and smiled.

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