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Tips On Driving Safely In Nigeria and Influencing Better Driving Behaviour

By Tobi Coker on 5th November 2020
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Safety is important for everyone especially when it comes to driving. No matter how great you are at driving or how sophisticated the vehicle being used is, safety precautions are very important.

Driving in Nigeria can be very tasking and certain road actions take a toll on the driver and the car which is why there have been various technological solutions that help to maintain and monitor safety of vehicle users. This is also why a lot of companies make use of technological solutions that help to keep their drivers and vehicles safe. One of such solutions is ProDrive 

While you might have all the necessary information, here are some points that might help to make driving safer

  • Obey all traffic rules: traffic rules and regulations are there for a reason and although at times they are not convenient, it is best to obey them at all times as this helps to prevent accidents caused by impatience.

  • Listening to loud music can be a distraction. As such, it is advised that music being played in the vehicle should be at a reasonable volume, not too loud and not too low.

  • Avoid Road Rage: It is not uncommon to have aggressive drivers with short tempers and road rage. With this in mind, it is advisable to maintain a calm head and not allow tempers flare up as this can result in rough driving and fatal accidents. Interestingly, ProDrive effectively monitors driving habits and scorecards generated confirm those who should either be rewarded or reprimanded.

  • Employ the use of ProDrive: This affordable In-Vehicle Monitoring System improves the value and lifespan of vehicles by recording, assessing and enforcing better driving habits. By monitoring driving violations such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, idling and over speeding among others; Pro Drive increases the lifespan of vehicles by at least 3 years while giving comprehensive reports and assessments on driving habits.

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