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By Olamide Mabodu on 27th March 2018
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Before a vehicle’s useful life deteriorates, one or more of its parts would have shown signs of a defect in its operation. To elongate the useful life of a vehicle, every part that makes up the vehicle has to be properly taken care of and managed efficiently.

In taking care of your vehicle, even the tiniest of part is very delicate to the performance of the vehicle, not only does it preserve the life of the vehicle, it also gives it a great second hand value should in case you choose to sell it in the future.

Here are few tips to help elongate the useful life of your vehicle:

  • The car manufacturer knows his product best. Therefore, read your car manual religiously. Different vehicles have different requirements.
  • Do a regular check up on your vehicle. Having to pay a certain amount for quarterly maintenance to keep your vehicle in great shape, can save you the expense of paying for repairs or paying to get a new vehicle.
  • You can only know that a vehicle is functional when it is in your possession. If your vehicle gets stolen, with no possibility for recovery, then it ceases to be yours. Make use of anti-theft devices to protect your vehicle from theft and elongate its useful life to you.
  • Use your vehicle in moderation. Don’t use a personal vehicle for rugged purposes. You are abusing your personal vehicle when you use it to transport sand, planks, metals and other things that a bus or truck should do.
  • Always check the fluids of your car regularly and change oil when necessary. This can be easily achieved with regular maintenance habits.

How long have you been using your car? What are the measures you have used to sustain it? Kindly share your tips in the comment section.


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